Electronic Bath Scrubber
Electronic Bath Scrubber
Electronic Bath Scrubber

Electronic Bath Scrubber

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Can traditional bathing tools do a really clean job?

Elegant woman knows how to say no to pore blockage, mites allergies and back itching

You need a sonic bath brush to treat your skin

High-speed rotation, deep cleansing capability

Skin-friendly silicone brush



Enjoy a spa at home

Three-speed vibration mode offers you different experiences

First mode: firm massage

Second mode: pore cleaning

Third mode: deep cleaning

Good product speaks for itself

Sonic vibration with waterproof feature: Comprehensive IP7 waterproof, enjoy bathing as long as you like



Extended handle design to better reach every part of your body

10000 vibrations / minute

Easily shake skin pores and dirt

860 skin-friendly silicone brush

Closer to the skin, closer to you

One charge could last for 25 days

(The actual use time will vary depending on personal use)

One button to switch, one button to transfer between modes

Three-speed available for you to choose

Use it to refresh yourself when you are tired or have pain in neck and shoulders

Purchase now and win the opportunity to get an electric face cleansing device and a hair band.

Product details

Name: Electric Bath Scrubber

Product size: length 450* width 72* thickness 52 (mm)

Charging method; USB magnetic waterproof charging

Applicable age: 2 years old or older